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Will you become godparents soon? What you need to know about the christening.

If you are going to baptize a child soon, you will surely be wondering what exactly your obligations regarding the sacrament of baptism as godparents are.

The role of the godmother / godfather is very important both during the sacrament and in the later life of the child, as the responsibility is substantial and mainly spiritual. It is definitely a role of honor and you should respond with joy and love to that role. That is why it is important for godparents to be aware of this choice and to spend time with the child.

When it comes to christening, you will need to get the following in time:

Godparents buy the so-called christening box which should contain:

• two small and a large towel

• a bottle of olive oil, soap, 3 small candles

• big candle

• oilcloths

• martirika

• baby's christening shoes and clothes

• cross

The godparents, if they wish, and after discussing with the child's parents, can undertake the decoration of the church and the baptistery. The godparents are also responsible for the gifts of the guests at the reception that will follow after the sacrament. At the same time, the godparents offer a symbolic amount to the temple in which the sacrament will be performed, for its liturgical expenses.

An additional piece of advice you can follow, both for you and the child, is to cultivate a good relationship between you in advance so that the child feels comfortable in your arms and is calm during the mystery.

During the mystery

Initially, holding the baby in your arms, facing west at the entrance of the church, you "validate" faith in God by reciting the Symbol of Our Faith, Praying I Believe, and dismissing Satan three times.

Then, with the baby, you will be led by the priest to the baptistry.

The "naming wish" will be followed and when you are asked by the priest, you must clearly and loudly announce the name of the baptized.

The priest blesses the water and oil and puts oil on the baby and then you continue, smearing the baby with oil all over its body over the baptistry and before his holy baptism in it, for three times. Once the priest lifts the baby, he will give it to you.

Then, perhaps with a little help, you should dress the child with his christening clothes.

The newly enlightened returns to your arms and together with the priest you will wear his baptismal cross and make three rounds around the baptistry. Behind you a child holding the baptismal candle will follow.

Finally, you need to deliver the baby to its mother.

After christening

Three days after the baptism you will go to the baby's house for his first bath.

The water from his bath, according to tradition, must be poured into the sea or into deceptive soil. The same goes for the water that will be used to wash the child's baptismal clothes.

On the first Sunday after the sacrament, the godparents accompany the baby to church to receive his first Holy Communion. This is repeated on the next two Sundays. On all three Sundays you will also have to take the baptismal candle in the church, which will be lit to burn throughout the service. On the third Sunday, it is deposed and remains at the church.

The whole experience of baptism and all the love you will receive from your spiritual child is an invaluable gift, so don't forget to enjoy every moment! May your godchild live a healthy life!

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